How Does Live Casino Work?

live casino

Live casino games are a great way to experience the thrill of a real-life casino without ever leaving home. You can play live blackjack, roulette, and 3 card poker from your computer or mobile device with a real human dealer. The game is streamed to you in HD, giving you the feeling that you are in the casino.

The technology behind live casino is fascinating and there are a lot of things that go into making it work properly. It involves a studio that duplicates the live experience, and software and cameras used to stream the game from all over the world.

A central piece of technology is Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, which is embedded into the live stream so that the online casino can recognise every card that is dealt. This allows the game to know when you are a winner or a loser, and ensures that the games are fair and honest.

You can even communicate with your dealer or other players at the table through the chat function! This gives you a social element to the game that you can’t get with traditional online casino games.

In addition, the dealers and other players are human, which means that there is no chance of rigging the games or compromising your privacy! This also means that you have a much higher chance of winning than at traditional online casinos.

Most live casino games are available on desktops and laptops, but a growing number are now compatible with mobile devices as well. Currently, the most popular games are live blackjack and roulette.

To ensure that live casino works, every table has its own Game Control Unit (GCU), a shoebox sized device that encodes video data broadcasted by the camera during a live game. This is the heart and soul of a live casino, and without it, it would not be possible for any table to be run live.

There are a few different kinds of GCUs, and each is connected to a specific table in the studio. They are responsible for encoding all of the data that is transmitted by the camera during a live game.

Another key part of a live casino is a camera, which helps ensure that the game is seen by all of the players on the screen. There are a variety of different camera options, which can be controlled through the player’s account.

The camera is also responsible for detecting where the ball has stopped on a roulette wheel. Most wheels are fitted with sensors which can recognize where the ball has landed and send this information to the online casino, without the need for the dealer or player to physically confirm the results.

In order to make live casino work, online gaming platforms usually invest in a studio and a crew that can choreograph the game, and check that everything is working correctly. They employ an IT manager, pit bosses, croupiers and cameramen to ensure that the game runs smoothly.

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